Here's some channels I watch a lot, mostly STEM/educational stuff. More to come...

  1. MIT OpenCourseWare

    Probably the best source for free online STEM lectures.

    Watch ->
  2. Stanford

    Great psych and business lectures.

    Watch ->
  3. 3b1b

    Captivating math videos, a big reason I got intersted in math.

    Watch ->
  4. AlphaPhoenix

    Really well demonstrated/explained "practical" physics.

    Watch ->
  5. Steve Brunton

    Great videos on dynamical systems, control theory, compressed sensing, etc.

    Watch ->
  6. Physics Explained

    Understandable videos on advanced physics topics.

    Watch ->
  7. Huygens Optics

    Fascinating videos on experimental optics/photonics.

    Watch ->